Forget What You Know About Strippers. Find Out What They Are Doing For The Homeless In Portland.


A group of strippers in Luchador (north Portland) are on a mission to help the homeless with a project called “Nude for the Needy”. Started by Soren High, an Adult Entertainer herself, as a Christmas present for her family, she later brought more of the girls she works with on board. In an interview with a local news channel in Portland, she explained how she was also homeless for months and finally found a job.

They had a donation drive where they passed out 120 sandwiches, 96 blankets of which 36 were hand made, 150 care packages, five gallons of soup, clothing, and about 10 hugs each.

“I think everything was worth probably around $2000-$2500. The Red Light vintage store, Lowe’s and Value Village donated clothing and handy tools and a friend from Costco donated $130 in snacks.” Soren High added.

Watch the full interview below.

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